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And here we go…

July 25, 2009

So here is where I am:

D-Day – 20th February 2009

People usually ask silly things like “why did you pick that date?”. Is no one allowed meaningless choices when it comes to weddings? I don’t know why I picked it. Because one of my best friend’s baby is due in January and I don’t want her baby to steal my thunder. Not March because the Boy’s birthday is in March and Heaven forbid I have to buy two gifts in one month. Not April because my parent’s birthday is in April and if I didn’t want to buy 2 gifts I most definately don’t want to buy 3! And not May or June because my family who currently lives in the States with me is moving back to the motherland in June. Frankly, I want to stay far, far away from my mother as she is packing to move back home.

Wedding Colors: Shades of blues, greys, whites, and silver 

The Boy and I had a little bit of a battle over this one. My signature color is red. Ask anyone who knows me. All my official stationary is red (isn’t it divalicious that I have official stationary? I love it!), I always red something red if I can help it, etc. However, the Boy has decided he wants his color in the wedding too, which is blue (and I always thought his color was orange. What do I know?). “We can’t have a red and blue wedding!” I wailed, “we are going to look like a Fourth of July Parade!” which nothing could be worst really. And so I gave in which I am hoping is not going to be a habit. He does have very little power in way of decisions anyway. I guess giving him one isn’t going to kill me.

… And that is really all I have. Seven month from the day. I have a wedding coordinator. Which, by the way, darling fellow brides, is one of the best decisions I have made since. It seemed contrary to me at first. Paying someone to help me save money. I was a little jittery inside. But Lara is amazing: she knows more people than Obama, she gets me amazing discounts, and according to the many, many emails she has sent me recently, she is kicking my butt in gear. Another one of the benefits to wedding coordinators besides the great discounts they can get you, is that they think of things that most brides who have not been thinking about their wedding since they were 5 years old would not think about. Like who knew that you had to ask a venue if their hourly charge included set up and break down. Um whut? But we are having a big, big meeting apparently on Thursday where some big, big decisions need to be made. I am already scared.

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