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Wedding Monogram

July 26, 2009

My next assignment from Lara is to pick out three monograms to use in my wedding.

I love the idea of monograms. They are perfectly preppy. And uppity. What really is the neccesary function of a monogram? In case you forget your name? Silly but I love them and I love the idea of having a monogram. You are talking about a girl who has her own official stationary. Here are my 3 choices so far. The Boy has not picked any yet but I will let you know when he does

Formal Logo

This is designed by Betsey White who really does have some amazing monograms and invitations.

logo 2

This is by LoveLetterLogos who unfortunately does not have as much of a selection but lovely website though. I think I also prefer the idea of having the initial of my new last name somewhere. You know, in case I forget what it is…

There was another one from True Love Logos but the bastards disabled the right click function. Smart. But sad for me. It will be interesting to see what the Boy picks. I tease him that the only thing of good taste he has ever picked out was me.

If you guys have gotten married, did you have a monogram? Do you like the idea of a monogram?


So apparent I may not have the “Samantha and Patrick” monogram because it reminds the Boy too much of his corporate logo. Instead, we have both decided on:

logo 3

A little ornate for my taste and formal for my taste but it beautiful. This particular monogram is also by the talented Betsy White.

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