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Little Von Loo

July 28, 2009

So when it was obvious that the Boy and I were going somewhere, in the midst of helping all my other friends get married, I had decided when I ever got married, I wanted to wear a bird cage veil. It fits my vintage glam look, and at the time, it was not in vogue and it was something different. Bird cage veils and blushers in general are so chic, I am tempted to bring them back into normal day to day dress. But I know the Boy will look at it like “what on Earth are you wearing on your head?”. He will never say it, more because I think he is afraid of reprecussions than being sweet but I digress. Since then however, birdcage veils have come roaring back into the bridal scene with a vengence and so I have since discarded the idea. Ya, ya, I know I should do whatever I want regardless of what everyone else is doing but I had never wanted to do what everyone else has picked up.

So instead, I have decided to forgo the veil entirely much to the shock of my nearest and dearest friends and the glee of my mother who then has one less thing to spend money on in this wedding. I am going to wear something in my hair, I just have not figured out what yet. There are so many great options out there so what’s a girl to do?

Speaking of options, I recently found Little Von Loo from another wedding website, The Broke Ass Bride (*giggles at name* who had the same dilemma I am having). Oh my goodness… how amazing are their pieces. Perfect to tie in with my winter blue wedding, no?

Now these are a little more pricey because of how elaborate they are and I do so wish I could try them on (the problem with Internet shopping…) because I fear the headpiece might be bigger than my head and wouldn’t that look awkward. The look is flamboyant chic not pocahontas wanna-be. But they do have small pieces too like their Tessa Collection:

Now you can pick your jaw up from off the table. Hm. Pretty. But I am also considering wearing blue shoes with my dress. Too much “something blue”? Am I even fabulous enough to carry something off like this? After all, I am no Carrie Bradshaw who can wear a bird in her hair one moment and amazing blue Monolos the next!

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