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Hunting on Craigslist

August 3, 2009

I have a love hate relationship with craigslist. On one hand, I can find some fabulous stuff with a lot of patience, many mugs of coffee and eyestrain from looking at the computer. For example, my dining room chairs are early Thornet chairs that I bought for a song ($10 each!). On the other hand, however, there are a bunch of crazies out there who think that their couch, which is usually a combination of: plaid, overstuffed, southwestern, stained, ribbed, 80s floral, and shabby chic (with an emphasis on the shabby) or all of the above is worth $1000. Insanity.

I thought I would see what is out there in terms of wedding dresses. After all, if you are really lusting over Reem Acra and really can only afford David’s Bridal. What is a girl to do? So let us see what we find.

I searched “wedding” under clothes and accessories and here is a selection of what pulled up:

A Vera Wang Dress for $2000
A Vera Wang Dress for $2000

$2000 isn’t really all that bad for a Vera depending on how one looks at it but still a little steep for me. According to the seller, it is retailed at about $4000. So half off seems pretty reasonable

Then another jewel that as the seller describes it a “GORGEOUS Wedding Dress

$75 dollars for all this gorgeousness

$75 dollars for all this gorgeousness

I am not entirely certain when she got married but I am willing to bet it wasn’t anytime recently. Though, not all is a lost, it is priced approriately at $75. It does have a sweetheart neckline that I am looking for and some incredible detail (no, I am not being sarcastic. Detail like that is hard to find these days).

Demetrious Wedding Dress $800

Demetrious Wedding Dress $800

she linked her post to a stock picture of the actual dress on Demetrios’s website and I clicked over and pulled up this which is a much better picture

It has the lace look I am going for but I cannot help but think the lace looks rather “tablecloth-y”. I don’t know what it is. The seeming nude lining under the lace? The very dense brocade pattern? Not entirely sure. Tragic really, because the shape is beautiful though my mother says I am “too rounded for a shapely dress like that” (for those wondering, I wear a size 0).

Ballgown for $600

Ballgown for $600

Of course it just wouldn’t be a Dallas craigslist sale if we did not have a ball gown or two (or eight). After all, everything is bigger in Dallas. Though I must admit, a small (very teeny tiny, I promise) part of me wishes I could pull of something like this. Big, poufy, dreamy, tulle craziness of a dress. Don’t most little girls dream of the blue ballgown Cinderella wears when she meets her Prince Charming?



But alas, nothing for me on craigslist. Kind of sad really, because there is really not much more gratifying than when someone ask “I love your wedding dress? Where is it from?” and you smugly reply “craigslist”. Maybe only better if you can say “Monique Lhuiller”.

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  1. Jennifer permalink
    August 6, 2009 6:01 am

    Have you checked out Bravo Bride? Probably a bit more expensive than craigslist but way more selection!

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