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Civil Ceremony

August 4, 2009

So the Boy and I are having a civil ceremony this coming week Monday. For several reasons but mainly to remind ourselves that at the end of it all, it is just the two of us making our vows to each other without all the pomp and pagentry of a wedding. So the festivities will still go on as promised in February of 2010 but this one is for us and us alone (and my parents who want to witness the day they thought would never come).

Which of course does not mean I completely give up trying to be materialistic.  I am not going to get married in a dress I already own when I have a ready made reason to buy a new dress! After some much Ebay hunting and Craigslist searching and we all saw how well that went (ergo, not well), I find myself at the mall. Not just any mall mind you, the NorthPark Mall in Dallas. Dallas-ite ladies probably know this mall very well as I certainly do (and I have to drive freakin 45 minutes to get there).

All that to say, the Shopping Goddesses were with me today and I found my civil ceremony dress! From Ted Baker London whom I adore. On sale (I am still a shoe string bride!). So, lo and behold, my dress:

Civil Ceremony Dress

Civil Ceremony Dress

My sister wrinkled her nose when she saw it, “well, I would wear it to work…” she says in a (to her) kindly voice when it really just sounds condencending to everyone else. No matter, she isn’t wearing it. Now I need accessories. And new shoes (leopard?). And a bird cage veil to complete the look.

I swear though, this ceremony really is to celebrate us. Not my dress. Even if it is pretty.

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  1. barbride permalink
    September 16, 2009 1:12 pm

    Wow, I never thought I’d see another bride who wants to have a civil ceremony for the same reasons I do! Most people do it because of immigration reasons or military reasons, but the main reason we are doing it is exactly what you said – to remind us that it’s for us! Are you telling your wedding guests that you are already married, or are you keeping it on the down low?

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