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Doing Paper Lanterns Differently

August 7, 2009
I love Anthropologie. Their visual team is amazing and the ideas they come up with blow my mind away. I often take pictures of all the beautiful inspiration I get from Anthropologie to replicate elsewhere. For example, these beautiful paper lanterns:
Gorgeous white wire lanterns

Gorgeous white wire lanterns

Look at that gorgeousness!

Look at that gorgeousness!

I would love to replicate this at my wedding. Can you imagine it now? Floating lanterns above the dance floor or above the the cake. Maybe even in a row down banquette tables as people eat family style?

Of course, you could always buy the Anthropologie ones at $200 and $170 respectively. Um. Ouch.

Thank heavens for the paper lantern store, where one can buy for cheap. They have a similar (but not as large) versions as the ones above in red, blue or yellow for $16.25 if you buy 2 to 5 and $14.95 if you buy any more than 6.

Mesh Lanterns from Paper Lantern Store

Mesh Lanterns from Paper Lantern Store

Ten inches high and four inches round. Smaller than Anthro’s (Anthro’s stand at 32 inches) but nevertheless, still a statement and far better than the usual white paper globe lanterns we have been seeing lately. Maybe I should send the Anthropologie lanterns over to The Paper Lantern store, maybe they know the wholesaler. Anthropologie must be getting it from somewhere… My google searchs have not gotten me lucky.

Or maybe borrow something from East Asian culture and instead of sparklers, bubbles, bird seed, confetti or what have you, ask every one to write a happy wish for the couple, attach it to a sky lantern and release it as you and your new husband leave. For one thing, it makes great pictures, and for another, they are really cheap:

All images credited to Amazon.comReleasing the Paper Lanterns

Releasing the Paper Lanterns

Many believe that the lanterns take the well wishes up to the Gods. I just really think it is a beautiful sentiment and makes for some gorgeous pictures. If you are having an outdoor wedding, this would be a beautiful ending.

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