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Heartsick and Choking

August 7, 2009

I cannot forget it. “It’s not like I cannot afford it. I just don’t want to” echoes in my head again and again. My heart is so sick at those words. It is interesting how people can put a price tag on people’s emotions and then write it off. My heart went black. It is interesting, a woman’s emotional connection to the dress she wears on her wedding day. I do not understand it nor do I attempt to. Maybe women perpetuate the cycle of thought

“I never want to take my dress off. It made me feel so beautiful”

“I cried when I put the dress on because I just knew it was the one”

The idea that there is A Dress out there for you like the idea there is A Man out there for you. What if That Dress is not within your (price) reach. Or what if it is and the person funding your wedding won’t pay for it, what then? I think I am most upset that apparently feelings, just like dresses can be written off. That at the end of the day, it is just a day in your life. That it is a dress you only wear once. And that, weddings do have a price tag. A bride on a shoe string with dreams of a broadwalk.

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