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The Proposal

August 8, 2009
My beautiful gorgeous ring!

My beautiful gorgeous ring!

I never did tell you how The Boy proposed did I? Or shown you pictures of the gorgeous ring he had custom made for me. The ring was custom designed by him in an antique vintage style because I had been showing hinting to him about vintage rings from online retailers leading up to the proposal. He had a nearly flawless round brilliant diamond set in another carat of “pixie dust” (as he likes to call it) in an art deco style. It is perfect. No one else has my ring and its different from the princess cut solitaires I see out there (if you have a princess, nothing wrong with that. I just like something different).

The proposal on the other hand, left much to be desired but if I were really honest with myself it is very typical of us as a couple. I don’t remember the date. I barely remember the time (you see what I mean?). All I know is that it was a Monday and he had called off work. We ran around town running errands (because that is apparently what you do on the day you get proposed to) and picked up a really romantic lunch to go from Wendy’s (I love their chicken nuggets!)

We get home, I get on the computer, he plunks down on the couch to watch a re-run of Law and Order while we eat our romantic lunch.

“Hey, honey?” he calls


“Can you get my Chevelle CD out of my stereo for me? I want to burn it”

“Go get it yourself, you have legs,” I said, ever the accomodating girlfriend

“But you are closer…” he whines.

“I’ll get it later,” I was clearly in the middle of something of utmost importance on the internet

“No, get it now!”

I glared at him and huff. I lean over (stereo is right next to me but you know, leaning over is a chore sometimes) and pop the CD cache open. It’s empty. Now I am really irritated. “What?” I thought, “all this work for nothing!” (believe me, it’s work)

“There isn’t a CD here!” I grouse

“Err… maybe it is in the back. Turn it around, maybe it fell over” (his stereo is the kind that holds something like 60 CDs at any given time though why anyone would need 60 CDs playing is beyond me…)

I turn the knob and felt around for the “fallen” CD and my hand closed on a small velvet box. I gasp. I look up at him and gasp again. He shoots me a look as if to say “I don’t know…” with his eyebrows to his hairline sipping his Sprite from Wendy’s. I pull out the box and just look at it. Half of me going “Oh my Goodness, this is really happening!!!” and another part of me going, “Are we serious? THIS IS HOW YOU ARE PROPOSING?”

He walked over from the couch and kneels down. All I remember now is him saying my name and sweet words that are now all a haze. Even in my haze though,I noticed he didn’t say some crucial words and ever the helpful girlfriend (and impatient) I bounce up and down on my chair,

“you didn’t say the magic words! You didn’t say the magic words!”

He looked at me blankly, “magic words?”

Dear Lord, please help me. “Those four magic words?” I prompt, “Will you…”

“Oh!” understanding lights his face up. Then frustration, “I WAS GETTING TO THAT PART! WILL YOU HANG ON A MINUTE”

“Oh ok,” I settled back down in my chair

“Will you marry me?” another disgruntled look and words muttered under his breath, “you spoil everything”

“Yes! I will! I will” and jumped from my chair onto his lap.

And he opened the box, and took my breath away.

Ring from the side: more "pixie dust"

Ring from the side: more "pixie dust"

5 Comments leave one →
  1. artsybride permalink
    August 8, 2009 11:05 pm

    These vintage style rings are always so pretty!

    Maybe the proposal wasn’t what you wanted, but maybe it was true to you two?? 🙂 And there is NOTHING unromantic about some wendy’s nuggets. 😉 hehe

    • missyap permalink*
      August 9, 2009 3:14 am

      Awww… thank you for the Dallas support! Ya there are no returns for his ring. But he loves it so… I guess it is worth it. He is wearing it, right? But I love my ring and I love Wendy’s nuggets. But this is so not a story to be telling the grandkiddos

  2. =daf-ne3= permalink
    August 12, 2009 8:34 pm

    The ring is gorgeous… Must have cost a lot.

  3. August 15, 2009 6:18 pm

    Your ring is absolutly stunning!!! And I actually find your proposal story really cute and refreshingly unstaged. I love your blog too by the way. m.v.b.

  4. March 7, 2010 10:35 pm

    That ring is stunning! Never heard the smaller diamonds called pixie dust but I think that’s really cute! Your proposal sounds sweet and I would have loved to be a fly on the wall to see him try and act like he knew nothing about a box back there. Oh, and Wendy’s chicken nuggets so blow McD’s out of the water 🙂

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