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My Wedding Venue – Finally

August 11, 2009
Downtown Chic

Downtown Chic

Ladies and gentlemen, *drum roll* without further ado. My wedding venue: Third Space. Finally. It is in the heart of downtown Dallas, next to Neiman’s (that was when I knew it was just meant to be!) and the Joule Hotel.

They have a loft!

They have a loft!

Gallery without Yucky Black Chairs and Black Tablecloths!

Gallery without Yucky Black Chairs and Black Tablecloths!

Another veiw of the gallery!

My sister got to the space before I did (we were suppose to meet there) and the first thing she said was “oh, she is going to love this”. She was right. I walked in and loved it. The Boy is ambivalent, Mum asked five times if people really had weddings in this space, the Sister said “It’s you!” in the tone of voice that also does not say out loud “thank God not me!”

It is going to be interesting melting my love for vintage glam and my love for modern in one event. What I love about the space, aside from the price is that it is perfect for my small do. I can fit my ceremony and my reception in the same area (there is nothing quite as irritating as have to drive to the reception), and there is so many possibilities as far as decorations is concerned. Lara and I are talking about uplighting (??? – Don’t ask me what those are) and beautiful candles lighting the space. I would love some stark branches, maybe some pussy willows. To save money, we are doing away with flowers except for the bouquets. We are putting booths and banquettes in the loft for people to just relax and escape the dancing. I am so excited. I just knew this was the place. No hotel-y same-y weddings with swirly carpet. No country club stiffness. No garden weddings. Just amazing.

So, do we likey?

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  1. August 11, 2009 12:00 pm

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m loving yours! I also looooove your venue!! I was looking at a similar place in our hometown, but ended up falling in love with this cute vintage bakery. I still wonder if we’ll change our mind and end up at a loft, but for now anyway, we have our heart set on that. Keep stopping by! I’m adding you to my blogroll!

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