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My trip to a REAL bridal salon

August 20, 2009

So you heard about my trip into Neiman’s (which I have not dared showed my face back there again, thank you) but I decided, maybe I should probably a) go to a store I might actually afford. b) go to something other than the bridal emporium called david’s bridal (who miraculously still does not have something I am in love with). Not that Neiman’s isn’t a real bridal salon but lets be honest, Neiman’s is the kind of thing dreams and butterflies are made of.

So one day, without much fanfare, I decided, I was going to pay a visit to Lulu’s Bridal Boutique in Dallas. No contingent of bridesmaids (I really only have 2 anyway). No camera in tow to chronical the event (what was I thinking?). Just the directions scribbled on a scrap of paper and off we go (my mother has been trying to talk me into a GPS but there is just something about small pieces of paper that is strewed all over my car. It’s like, “hm… I need to get to Ahab Bowen’s, aha, the directions are in my cupholder”. Can a GPS give you the thrill of a random paper find that you thought you threw away ages ago? I think not) 

Lulu’s is a small little bungalow right in the heart of Uptown. Up the porch and into the house and it was like stepping into a different world. Brides with their mothers, sisters, grandmas, best friends following around various consultants “Ah just know, that dis is gonna look sooo good on ya!”. Check out their rocks. That is what I thought, not as pretty as mine. Brides in rooms trying on poofy dresses turning this way and that. A small petite stockist bending under the weight of two armfuls of rejected tried on dresses.

“Can ah help yuu?” drawls a delightful blond Dallas woman (they are all blond). I explain I don’t have an appointment but could I still try on dresses? “Wh-y certainly!” without much ado I was signed in and given a leopard print bag 0f blue wooden clothes clips (leopard print is one of my favorites. So jackie, so dolce, so glam!) and off we go. I pinned clips to a couple of dresses I liked. There were not many. Especially as I am not a fan of tulle, bling, and more “poof”. I picked out a couple of dresses, mainly dresses that look like the ones below (look book inspiration).

A consultant approaches me, “hello Little Bride, mah name is Kimberly” and off we go to try on dresses. I don’t know if this is how they do it at the other salons but Ms. Kimberly gets right in the dressing room with me and looks at me expectantly to strip down to my knickers.

“Um. I am not wearing a bra” I say, really saying in fact, “I am not comfortable with you here probably look at my boobs. Or lack thereof. They are little. But they are mine.”

“Oh Little Bride, I have seen it all before!”

Which does nothing to reassure me. But she turns around to take my first dress off the hanger and I take the opportunity to quickily take off my things and put my arms around my chest. Which then makes it harder to grab the dress she is holding out to me. The first dress is a sort of 1920s flapper look and Kimberly immediately goes “oh, honey, that is just not doing your figure justice. Let me get others for you to look at, Little Bride” and in one fell swoop dismisses all the dresses I have picked out and disappears to look for something more approriate.

She comes back with two more “appropriate” dresses for my figure. I dutifully tried them on and wham bam, thank you, ma’am, I am staring at a completely different me. I have a figure. I have boobs (you have no idea what a feat this is). I have a butt. I don’t have a camera to document this with. I tried on the second dress and fell in love. With myself. “This is Ronda” Kimberly says. What an unfortunate name for a gorgeous dress (no offense to the Rondas out there). And this is IT. I glance at the price tag. No it isn’t.

*sigh* Well, at least I know what I look good in. And the search goes on! Did anyone else have this much trouble with their dress hunt. I think though, that it isn’t my dress hunts that are unsuccessful, it’s my wallet. Though maybe I might have to make a encore visit to Lulu’s.

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  1. August 20, 2009 4:55 am

    Sounds like a useful shopping trip. Even if you didn’t buy anything, you learned something.
    Hope the search eventually yields something within budget.

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