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Crisis: No more art gallery

August 21, 2009

I got an email this morning and the subject line read “no artwork” and I am thinking, “Lara, really? I know you are not excited I am going with my own stationer but no art work is ridiculous”. Nothing against Lara, I love her, I really do (some people say that just for kicks but I really do love this woman) but we happen to both be very type-A women. And on top of that very type-A controlling women. I basically hired myself. Which is great. Until we disagree. But I digress.

Turns out, it is an email from Third Space which is apparently not going to be an art gallery anymore. Um whut? Apparently, Third Space shares a space (hah!) with the art gallery CADD. I had no idea first of all that they were two separate entities (in fact, I was really quite disgruntled that the art directress didn’t seem very friendly when I was visit. I mean, hello, I am bringing you business here! It all makes sense now). Frances (our contact at Third Space) is trying to tell us that this is a good thing. Before, there were a whole lot of restrictions in regards to decorations because well… it is an art gallery, so nothing on the walls, no open flames blah blah blah. I was ok with that because, we were having it in an art gallery! So not only do I look cultured and sophisticated, I also don’t have to worry about decorations. I don’t have the money to worry about decorations!

Gah! We are still having it there. But no art. The space is still amazing. But still. No art. You know, I specifically did not want an outdoor wedding because there are just too many elements a girl cannot control. If it were possible to go “God, ya know, this 100 degree weather thing is just not working out for me” and poof it turns into a delicate 80 degrees, we maybe able to work something out. Well, apparently, there are many elements a girl cannot control in an indoor space too!

Breath. Breath. Freaking out is bad for health.

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