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Sneak Peek: Bridesmaid’s dresses

August 25, 2009

Sorry for a lack of posts these past couple of days, I have been deathly ill. The Boy finally put me in my car and drove me to Walgreens to fill a prescription and just as we pull into the driveway, I throw my car door open and start throw my guts up. Not so funny then when he was trying to remember what the name of the drug is, and I am trying to tell him in between hurls. Vaguely funny now. But lets not have a repeat performance.

On happier notes, this weekend while I was still deathly ill, I took my girls (all two of them) on a shopping trip to get their bridesmaids dresses. My sister (and MOH) had just ended it with her Boy (thank the Lord) and so we all needed a little pick me up. And ladies we have a winner. Or two.

I am not a fan of matching dresses. And while the couture dresses the Sex and the City girls wore are beautiful, its like I said to my girlfriend “we want to look artful put together, not like we are wearing a garage sale”. So I told my ladies, the only requirements would be a navy blue colored dress that is full length. I did not expect my busty tall girlfriend to be able to wear a dress my buck nothing and boobless sister would.

The ultimate bridesmaids dresses. Wonder what her colors were?

The ultimate bridesmaids dresses. Wonder what her colors were?

The girls are going to be in navy blue. And coincidentally both are wearing assymetrical dresses.  Which I am not certain is going to look glamorous or lopsided. I am going to assume the former.

My sister and maid of honor is wearing Jim Hjelm in a silk taffeta

JLM Couture

JLM Couture

And I cannot for the life of me find the other bridesmaids dress so, darlings, you are just going to have to wait with bated breath for the next installation.

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  1. August 26, 2009 6:13 am

    Love the MOH dress! So chic with that bow!

  2. August 26, 2009 1:21 pm

    I am having two bridesmaids too! Non-matching-yet-matching bridesmaids outfits is the future – it sounds like you made great choices. I can’t wait to see it. m.v.b.

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