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Engagement Shoot: The Prelude

August 28, 2009

So it is the night before our engagement photoshoot and I can just tell it is one of those everything is going wrong sort of things. Lara calls the day before to remind us that our photosession is TOMORROW. Um whut? It is Thursday already? Panick. Check the mail box for that vintage veiled hat I ordered as a prop. No taco. Panic again. The shoot is at 10.30am a hour away. Try to get James my project manager to push it back, The Boy closes the bar down tonight. No beuno. Me thinks James is getting a little exasperated. I really don’t try to be high mantainance. This stuff apparently just comes naturally.

The Boy and I get home at 4am. We run around like chicken with their heads cut off trying to get outfits together and doing last minute laundry. He finally just has one more outfit to pick.

“So should I do the white Calvin Klein shirt or the floral Calvin Klein shirt?” (don’t judge, it is actually quite manly)

“mmm… The white. It’s more classic. Toss it here, I’ll wash it before tomorrow”

*sniffs* “Naw, it’s clean”

“Babe, you’ve worn that shirt before remember? For our civil ceremony”

I get a blank look. “So? I didn’t sweat or get it dirty”

Oy Vey. Thank God he is marrying (married?) to me.

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