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Cathedral Veil

September 2, 2009

I used to dream of a birdcage veil at my wedding. Apparently, so has a million other brides. In light of that, for the ceremony, I have decided to go back to classics: the cathedral veil. Initially, I rejected the idea of a cathedral veil. Being five foot two, the last thing I wanted to look was like a bunny slope. Then, during my visit to Warren Barron’s the ladies threw on a cathedral veil with a blusher on me. And all of a sudden. Bride emerged.

Catheral Veil on the runway of Monique Lhullier

Cathedral Veil on the runway of Monique Lhullier



And of course, like the birdcage veil it presents itself to some gorgeous photos. I think the trick to the blusher cathedral is tulle as sheer as you can get it. So a) you don’t end up like you are trying to be a ghost on Halloween b) so you don’t walk into anything. Which knowing my luck, I would probably end up doing. Secondly, to make sure that there is not an access of fabric attached to the comb. There shouldn’t be any bunching and no visible poof on your head when you put it on. What veil or headpiece are you going with?

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