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The Way We Were

September 5, 2009
Boy Before Bride

Boy Before Bride

The story of how The Boy and I met is a tad embarrassing. Let me take you back. The year is 2006 and I am an innocent christian college co-ed. He is a greasy not so innocent fraternity boy going to the same university. I was living with three girlfriends of mine in a little four bedroom townhouse. There was VGo, the hard partying sorority girl. Little Bug, the goody-two-shoes who wants to learn to party. Jac the taken one: being with boyfriend not inhibited by demon. Though at that time, to us single ladies, the two could pretty much mean the same thing. It was a lot of fun. And a lot of estrogen. Which sometimes can be an oxymoron.

The Boy was living in the fraternity house. Along with 11 others. The showers didn’t really work. Neither did the washer or dryer (or at least that is the excuse I am giving myself now as to why he smelt so bad all the time). We won’t even go into the conditions of the women’s bathroom.

Little Bug is trying to live her college life and going to the fraternity parties with VGo. She comes home one night and tells me about this Boy. “Oh my Gosh, Jess, he is just so cute.” I was dating someone else who was also exceedingly good-looking. “How does he compare to Clay?” She thinks a minute, “Cuter. Definately cuter”. I scoff skeptically. Well, I needed not wonder any longer when the Boy comes calling over at our house more frequently than I would have liked at the time. I looked at his ripped up hoodie from American Eagle circa 1999 and his hair that really needed a haircut and deemed him “not good enough”.

Boy swears this is true but I have no recollections of this so it obviously is not. Apparently the first time we met, he was just leaving our townhouse and I had just gotten home. ” I did not know Little Bug had an asian room mate” was his first thought. He looked at me and said, “Hey, how’s it going?” And apparently (again, I don’t recall this so it is obviously not true), I just looked at him and continued walking. I was often out when he visited so we didn’t get a chance really to mingle much to his chagrin and my ambivalence.

One fateful night, however, he was over visiting with Little Bug. I was doing homework at home. I am in basketball shorts and a red hoodie (at least mine does not have holes in them) and after a brain blistering session of accounting I meander downstairs to get me a piece of chocolate pie Little Bug had brought home from her grandmother’s over the weekend. I take it out of the refrigerator only to notice there was a huge piece missing. What. The. Heck. “Who ate my pie?”. “Um… that would be me,” a sheepish folk waves from the dining table. I shrug and cut myself and piece and joined them. We had a three hour long conversation over our chocolate pie. Intrigued. But not suckered.

Then, one faithful Sunday as the story goes, I get home from church having just broken off Clay and I’s casual dating relationship. That is it. I am done. I was tired of dating these men thinking of marriage (when you are a good Christian girl that is what you do) when it is so obviously not going to happen. I am going to casually date now. The Boy was visiting again when I announced to my room mates and apparently one interested guy “the next guy who asks me out, I am just going to say yes”. Without missing a beat, “Great, Chilli’s? Tomorrow? 7.30?” Giddy with my sudden impulsiveness to date whomever and whenever, I say, “Yes! Sure. Why not”.

“He is just kidding, right?” I thought. Not so lucky. “Not kidding,” comes back the Facebook message to my query.

What’s a girl to do? We went on a date. He talked. The entire time. Apparently, Cosmo told him the number one complaint girls had about their first dates was the guy did not talk enough. He asked for a hug. “A real one. With both arms”. He sent me a Facebook message immediately after dinner thanking me for the evening. He called me the next afternoon wondering what I was doing. Maybe I should stop by the fraternity house?

Nearly three years later: Hook, Line and Sinker.


Boy With Bride

Boy With Bride

*Names changed to protect the guilty.


Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone. I am not planning on doing anything except recouping. Maybe doing housework. My dining room chairs need to be refinished. But we all know how D-I-Y Miss Yap can be: ergo, zero. So we shall see. Nevertheless, wishing you much chocolate and sunshine. See back here after the break!

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  1. September 7, 2009 8:33 am

    Oh sweetness. My boy and I literally met over a game of spin the bottle!

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