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Don’t Have A Dress, But I Want To Trash It

September 8, 2009

I love the idea of a trash the dress session. I have read things like “she wanted to show her husband that she was never going to need the dress again” but I am calling BS. She really just wanted an excuse to wear her dress again and look glamorous and dirty. But *ahem* that is just me. Look, I use to dance professionally (ballet, don’t get any ideas…) and one can’t do that without being a little bit of an attention whore.

I don’t have a dress yet (no money. What else is new?) but I definately want to trash it. Except I might have to recoup my money buy selling it. I don’t believe in that “I am saving my dress for my daughter” crap. Listen, I don’t care how good your taste is, trust me, honey, she isn’t going to want to wear your dress.

So why not go crazy with it?  There is an entire blog out there dedicated to trash the dress sessions called, what else? Trash The Dress. Here are some photos to inspire from

Wouldn’t a photo shoot in the rain be breathtaking? Or one in the town fountain (before the cops catch you and chase you off)?

Doesn’t this post just make you want to read a dirty romance novel? No? Er… me neither.

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