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Shoestring Bride Loves: Ingrid Cusson

September 11, 2009

I am planning on getting my maids’ a metley of gifts. For one thing, thank the Lord, I only have two (if I could have all of my girls, the bridal party would be literally half the wedding!), so I can spoil them a little more. For another, their dresses were like $300+. I know. Opps. Though in my defense, they picked their own dresses. At least that is what I am telling myself to assuage my guilt.

Part 1 involves vintage hankies which I am going to embroider in blue their initials and our wedding date. I am still trying to piece together the other parts of the gift. So I am considering these gorgeous checkbook covers by Ingrid Cusson via auto.


They are suede, decorated with screenprinted images. Gorgeous, no? I love beautiful, functional pieces. There is a certain joy at having for example, a beautiful letter opener (which I got at Anthropologie last weekend for count it $4!).

At about $40 they aren’t going to break the bank (yet) and still make for beautiful gifts (and if my sister doesn’t want hers I can steal it! Kidding. Kinda).

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