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Peacock Fascinators

September 29, 2009

The only thing I told my bridesmaids in regards to their dresses were that they had to be a) navy and b) of a similar length (ie: both cocktail or both full length). To add a little cohesion, I am gifting them with peacock fascinators to wear the day of the wedding. So where else did I turn to but etsy. Here are the ones I have been shortlisting:

Sweetgrassmills Contessa $20

Sweetgrassmill's Contessa $20

YJPaws Sienna $32.50

YJPaw's Sienna $32.50

Baroqueandrolls Peacock Feather and Vintage Jewel Hair Clip $28

Baroqueandroll's Peacock Feather and Vintage Jewel Hair Clip $28

ForbiddenBoudoirs The Dark Shadow $32

ForbiddenBoudoir's The Dark Shadow $32

I know everyone and their grandmother are into feather fascinators right now but I have to tell you, it is hard to find a fascinator that does not make the wearer look their they are spontaneously sprouting feathers from their hair. You know what I am talking about. Just because you stuck feathers on a clip does not a fascinator make and well priced fascinators are even harder to come by.

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  1. October 5, 2009 2:04 am

    my sister has that same fascinator from sweetgrassmill that she wears to dinner parties and honestly it’s pretty awesome! with her dark hair it doesn’t look too much at all! it would be a pretty choice. My girls would have had fascinators as well if my husband didn’t think they were crazy 🙂 I have to pick my battles

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