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A Bar-B Texas Dinner

October 6, 2009

The Boy and I decided that we are going to have a barbeque dinner rehearsal dinner. For many different reasons one of which is cost. Our friend has very kindly decided to loan us her house for the rehearsal (Boy and I live in a condo. Not really cook out friendly). There will be game meat, steaks, sausage and of course, plenty of barbeque sauce. Yum. I might not be from Texas originally but I sure love me my barbeque. I am not even bias when I say my father grills the best steak this side of the western world. There will be margarita machines and tables covered in red gingham or oil cloth. S’mores in the fireplace and of course to my darling’s delight: plenty of beer. People in the bridal party are bringing sides: mac’ and cheese casserole, coleslaw, mash potatoes.

Western BBQ Inspiration board

Western BBQ Inspiration board

photo from Weddingbee

I love that the silverware is wrapped in bandanas. I am going to shameless copy this. Should I just buy a bunch of utensils from Walmart or should I have disposable bamboo utensils? What can I say? I am a convenient environmentalist. Dunno if that knife is steak worthy or not.

eco friendly bamboo utensils! Yeah!

Eco friendly bamboo utensils! Yeah!

Picture from Wedgeworldwide.

Wildflowers in mason jars (where the heck am I going to wildflowers in February?). These banners with our names.

Picture from etsy shop aymujer

Everyone has to pitch in and help with the cleaning. A completely hands-on, family style event so people feel a part of a family. I know. Fabulous idea. Now if only I can carry it off…

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  1. October 7, 2009 6:34 am

    miss yap, OMG… i totally did this…well not for the rehearsal, but we did a texas welcome bbq! Seriously so much fun, and one of my favorite days of our wedding. It was just relaxed and casual and a good way to introduce all our differnet friends and family to each other, especially those from out of the country!
    We had a great time! you can check out some of the pics here:
    Totally feel free to email me if you want any tips!

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