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Self Addressed Save the Dates Pictures

October 14, 2009

Like I promised, here are the pictures from my save the dates, hand written addresses and all. I would like to say that these are probably my last few S-T-Ds that I had to write so… they are not up to standard. But you get the idea. Can you tell I love getting my camera back? I decided to go with an envelope for my S-T-Ds even though it defeats really the idea of a postcard because, well, I love the anticipation of opening an envelope (who does?). And plus even though highly unlikely, I really didn’t want my pretty S-T-Ds to be soiled up by (currently) icky Dallas weather (I mean, have I moved to Seattle?).

As you can see, not perfect...

As you can see, not perfect...

... but at this point, I really couldn't care less now

... but at this point, I really couldn't care less now

Still, I am pretty proud of myself. I am slowly progressing to being more and more D-I-Y friendly. Yay me!

The first batch of S-T-Ds have been sent out and aside from a couple of “did you know that Homeboy is grabbing your ass in your picture?” and “Drew wants to know where his Save-the-Date is at”. Oopps!  I haven’t really gotten any awesome comments. I mean, I have gotten the “got your Save the Date, looks great!” so I don’t know what I am expecting. Maybe “Holy Crap! I love your Save the Dates. It is the Mother of all Save the Dates!” Ok, so I am being a little silly.

How did you ladies “saved-the-date”? Did you get lackluster comments too or am I being really too excited about something that I really should not get all excited about (happens often, so I won’t be mad if you tell me, promise!)

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