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NWR: Secrets Make No Friends

October 18, 2009

I have been keeping something from my hubby-to-be for a week or so now. No, I am not going to tell you, it is a wee bit personal and yes I am not one for bounderies but I am going to draw one now. Sorry! Have any of you kept something big from your Honey before? Do you feel like I do? For a week I could not sleep well. I tossed and turned and had the most hideous nightmares. It felt like a stone lodge in the pit of my stomach. Last night I finally decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to tell him.

Why did I not tell him in the first place? Well, this has happened before, and honestly, he didn’t take it too well. No, he didn’t go into hysterics like I did. But um… well, he did his share of stressing. I figure maybe this time he wouldn’t have to know. I could just take care of it and he would never be the wiser.

But last night, I took him by the hand and said the dreaded words “I need to talk to you about something” (I hate when people tell me that I. My instant reaction is always “I didn’t do it!). We sat down in the bedroom and without preamble I just blurted it out and waited. (My friends hate that I do this “you sure know how to prep a fella!”) No panic. No stress. His reaction was not what I anticipated at all. “Ok” then let’s go on with it. I am embaressed to say I started tearing up in relief. I had been so worried. So scared. And he was so accepting and so forgiving. So we made a promise. No more secrets. I can live with that.

… and we walk out of the bedroom and find that our puppy has peed all over the apartment and on the couch. If I kill the dog that might be the next big secret.

Have you ever kept a secret from your honey? What are your relationship policies on secrets?

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