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I Will Be Grateful For This Day

October 27, 2009


Today is one of those days. You know the kind I mean, where it is just cold and wet and you don’t want to do anything but sit at home and do nothing all day. But you have errands to run and things to do. So you drive around for 45 minutes to try and pick up that package at that post office without directions because you are so sure you can remember it from 3 weeks ago. No taco. So you drive another 15 minutes to a post office you know is on the corner of the road near your house. Wait in line while there are only two postal workers working the line. And one is being held hostage by a hispanic family who needs to get a US passport. The postal worked is talking to their 16 year old daughter who is then translating into Spanish for her parents and vice versa. Would almost be comical. But you are a grouch today. The dog pooped in his crate today because you and the Honey went to run errands and left him alone. You had just spent an hour (Ok, the honey spent an hour) last night cleaning out his crate. Did not even last 24 hours. He ate up your last stack of Saltine crackers that was innocently sitting on the coffee table. You are trying to get work done and the dog just wants to jump on you, and insist you play with him, “throw my ball!”. You are increasingly getting more and more irate. “No. No. No.” why can’t this dog understand English? Seriously, he is almost a year old.

Then you stop on Etsy (I mean, you are obviously not getting anything done, why try?) and see this poster on the front page. Pause. Think.

“She is right,” you think. There have been worst days. This is really not much by comparison. You just need an attitude adjustment (and the dog to go away). Drink a cup of Tazo zen and plan to take a nap. Things always seem much better after a nap…

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