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Ivanka Trump’s Big Day

October 27, 2009

Um… have you seen this wedding. Spectecular. I would expect nothing less. Must be nice to have a lot of money to spend on the biggest party of your life (though when you are a celeb it seems like every party is bigger than the next). I mean, not bitter or anything 😉

You know, when I first heard via the grapevine Ivanka (we are on a first name basis now) was going for a Grace Kelly look I laughed cynically, “hah, we shall see”. But I have to say, I am very impressed, she pulled it off quite well. I think it would have been better if her hair was pulled back into a chignon (I know, I am so hard to please) but the dress is lovely. Say whatever you want about Vera but she does some amazing dresses. Thank you for another bride wearing a long veil. What do you think of her wedding day look?

Credits: Extra

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  1. October 28, 2009 8:49 am

    I think it came together beautifully! It’s modern, tasteful and modest. I’m loving that purple chandelier in the photo that you posted, and her veil.

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