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Bridesmaids Gifts Part II

November 6, 2009
Aside from the gift of embroidered hankerchiefs that my maids will be receiving, I decided to enchew the normal one-siz- fits-all gifts that are usually given to bridesmaids and buy gifts that will be (hopefully) personal to the individual. With the holidays coming at a rate that does not seem plausible, I have decided to slowly buy their gifts ahead of time. A couple each month as I can afford it. So for the ‘maid that just bought a condo and redecorating, and the bridesmaid that is just redecorating constantly in general:

The Domino Book of Decorating

If I buy both from Amazon, that would put the total of each gift slightly below $20 a person. Thank the Lord because I think that is all this Shoestring Bride can afford right now*.

For the woman in your life that loves decorating, has an inspiration folder of torn images from magazines, wept at the closing of Domino, and think Kelly Wearstler is heaven sent. This is perfect. Or if you are slightly more well to-do than I, you could get her:

The Classic: Vogue Living

Picture credited to Amazon

Butterfly and Skull Bolster

Picture credited to Spruce Austin

Mint Julep cups to hold pencils or a few stems of peonies

Picture credited to Global Table

Gifts for other bridesmaids coming up next.

*If the Shoestring Bride could afford a little more, she would tuck in gift cards to Home Depot and Hobby Lobby respectively.

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