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“Your ring is gaudy”

November 9, 2009

One of Boy’s coworkers just got engaged the night before last. As she is showing off her ring, she looks at me and goes “yeah, I tried on rings that looked like yours and I just in the end wanted something classic”. I looked again at her princess cut solitaire weighing in at less than a quarter carat (I have this ‘gift’ I can eyeball a diamond’s carat size a mile away), blinked, put a smile on my face and said through gritted teeth “well, congratulations on the engagement!”

Let me first put it out there, that I really don’t care what anyone’s diamond carat size is (except my own and my Boy did me proud). I am judgemental, no use denying that but at the end of the day, if the bride is happy with it, who cares? It is just a symbol (yeah, right). Though I am not going to lie, a tiny, tiny part of me was glad that my ring was prettier. Which racks me with guilt. Normally, I twist my band around when I am out because I am tired of people trying to compare their rings and getting their husbands in trouble and friends flicking their eyes at my ring when I am talking.

Boy’s coworker, lets call her Rosie, told my Boy that she in the end just did not want something “big and gaudy” like mine, she prefers something classic. The jeweler told her that my vintage style ring was just “trendy” and would end up like the marquise large garden clasp of the 80s. Um okay. Rosie wanted a carat but this smaller diamond was of a better quality than most one carats. Boy asked her the rating on the ring (he has become very savvy on diamond grades since have to educate himself for my purchase) and she looked at him blankly. She had no idea that diamonds had grades. She sniffed at the idea that we purchased it with the idea of it being a family heirloom.

This is new to me, most girls even if they despise me (and there are a shocking number of those out there) love my ring even if they have to force out the words through clenched lips. Am I the only one dealing with passive agressive women about their rings?

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  1. barbride permalink
    November 9, 2009 12:46 pm

    That’s obnoxious! I’m sure she’s just jealous and insecure. Now you have me curious to see your ring! Did you ever post a picture of it? I want to see!

    I’ve never gotten comments like that but I have had quite a few people remark that mine is huge or “oh that must be heavy!” LOL. It’s flattering.

  2. November 9, 2009 10:54 pm

    ugh…some girls are just haters. there is no such thing as big and gaudy when it comes to diamonds!

  3. November 11, 2009 11:51 am

    She is rude and wrong. Ignore!

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