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My Bridal Shower!

November 16, 2009

My bridal shower was this weekend and you ladies are going to be so jealous because my maids are the awesomess ever.


Silverware table: crystal stemware, vintage china, "looking glass", Alice in Wonderland playing cards, and a vintage illustrated Alice in Wonderland book


Close up!


Me! The dress is vintage circa 1950s.


The start of the "gift table"


Vintage Silverware and Russian Teacakes Baked by My Sister


A Beautiful Annotated Alice in Wonderland book. Guests signed the front of the cover before they left


The Beginning of The Perfect Garden Party


Food! All hand prepared with love by the bridesmaids


Favors: Jordan almonds with a poem attached concocted by the hostess

All pictures courtesy of the MOH, Shoestring Sister and me. More my sister. Less of me.

The Poem:

“You’ve stepped through the looking glass, you’ve toasted and tea-ed,

The Mad Hatter himself would be throughly pleased”

“The party is over, Jesselyn has what she needs

To start her new life with the man of her dreams”

“full of well-wishes and excitement times three,

we’ll send off into marriage our sweet bride-to-be”

“We thank you for coming, How spendid indeed!

There was no better gift than your good company”

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  1. November 17, 2009 7:38 am

    looks awesome!!

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