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I Am A Bad Wifey

December 3, 2009

Debby Downer post here. Feel free to skip to the other pretties if you feel like it. Don’t worry, I won’t hate you. 😉

My legally wedded hubby/ fiance works as a bartender/ server in a pretty fancy-schmancy international hotel (names are with held to protect the guilty). As anyone who has ever been in the service industry knows, sometimes your job can be hell. Customers think you aren’t human because you wait on them, you are on your feet all day, you don’t get paid half as much as you are worth, your coworkers are immature, you are short staffed, throw in an incompetent department head and you got the job you dread going to. Also known as: my hubby’s job.

Everyone had to pick a holiday this year to have off, Shoestring Boy picked Christmas because well, Christmas is very important to my family. He requested a week and a half off using his paid time off. So we can do everything we want to do for our first Christmas as hubby and wife. Take a mini vacation, go to the parentals to get spoiled a bit (ok, a lot), throw our own Christmas party and festivities: see below. The long and short of it is, his petition got denied because other people in the hotel had not had their paid time off yet.

My response? I cried like a child of eight not getting what she wanted for Christmas. I cussed like a sailor (there is just something about bad words that put a buzz on the tip of your tongue but I am off topic), I told him to put in his two weeks notice (no, I don’t have a job).

The hubs says I get irrational when I am mad (I cannot imagine what he is talking about really. . . ). But my overall feeling is exhaustion. I am so tired of his job. No, hubby is not the best person in the world about leaving work at work and I feel like I have to support him all the time. And I shall go down in history for the worst wifey in the world (thank the Lord he does not read my blog!) for saying this but I am so tired of holding him up. I am so tired of his job. I am so tired of his idiot of a boss. I am tired of him work 57 hour weeks, getting the best year end reveiws at work and in the hand have nothing to show for it except a little more extra cash in our bank account.

Isn’t that what wives are suppose to do? I am not even great about the other supposed wifey stuff that apparently is written in fine print (or invisible ink) at the bottom of your marriage certificate. I cook occasionally. I clean irregularly. Now, I can’t even be the supportive wife? After all he has done for me in my throes of depression and still does by the way? I will stop feeling sorry for myself soon and tomorrow I will look back on this post and kick myself (mentally) in the rear for being a selfish biatch.

But tonight, I am so tired.

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