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Of Garters and Bouquets

December 9, 2009

If there was another thing I was adamant about with my wedding was that there was not going to be a bouquet toss involved. It is horrific really. Calling out your single friends in front of your entire wedding and if that is not embarressing enough, you do the mental dance within yourself “should I grab it? Should I not? Would I look like a desperate single girl if I did or would I look like a party pooper if I didn’t” Granted, probably not all single ladies go through this thought processes but still, what if you were happily single and did not want to catch the bouquet? Most of this stems from my own horrific experiences with bouquet tosses so I am determined the ladies at my wedding will not be scarred for life by the wedding of bouquets and weddings and tosses in the same sentence.

Though I just had to share this awesome bridal toss bouquet picture because the look on some of those girl’s faces are priceless!

*steps off soap box*

As I am talking it over with my wedding planner though, we (I) came up with the idea of tossing the bouquet to the entire wedding party. The original superstition was getting piece of the bride’s ensemble would bring the owner good luck. So why reserve it for just the ladies? I am going to hang on to my bouquet for the sparkler send off and then before getting into the getaway car toss it to the crowd. Think J.Lo in Monster-In-Law. My planner asked me if I was planning on saving my bouquet and I answered why would I? Do people really do things like this? Apparently they do. Like dry it or something. I don’t know about you but dried flowers just look. . . dead to me. But no, I am not saving my bouquet.

And we are also not doing the garter toss. Thankfully, Shoestring Boy has absolutely no interest in this whatsoever. And the thought of him sticking his hand/head whatever, up my skirt in front of my father never mind my great-grand uncle, my aunts, and uncles makes me a little trembly in knees.

Are you doing a garter toss/ or a bouquet toss/ or any kind of toss? Just curious to see if I am the only bride around to abhor it so.

Picture credited to Allison Britton via MyDeejay

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  1. barbride permalink
    December 10, 2009 6:03 am

    I hate the whole garter removal bit too, but I like the bouquet toss (does that make me mean?). I am going to attach a gift card to it though, to incentive people to catch it 🙂

    • missyap permalink*
      December 10, 2009 8:18 am

      Genius! Have a “bouquet” of lottery tickets. 😉
      You also probably have more single friends than I do so no that does not make you mean 😉


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