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Etsy Wedding Invitation Round Up

December 12, 2009

Okay, okay that is like my 47th personal post now? Seriously, before this turns into a personal blog (Heaven, forbid). I have pages and pages of wedding favorites on Etsy. I am going to start pruning down my Favorite pages because it is getting kind of ridiculous. Why do I need to look at more invitations? At this rate, my guest is going to get 3 different sets of invitations just like I seem to be falling in love with different wedding dresses as easily as breathing. So, if some of you have yet to get wedding invitations, this is for you. If you have gotten your wedding invitations, humor me and look through these with me and we can mourn what our invitations could have looked like.

Letterpress Invitation by Small Printer

I am a huge sucker for letterpress invitations. Seriously, if it was the most hideous thing in the world but it is letterpressed, I am sold! So first up is this gorgeous letterpressed invitation from etsy seller Small Printer. They only have seven listings in their store but oh my, every single one of them is divine.

The Milene Invitation Suite by Jessica's Design Shop

I am not entirely sure if it is the belly band (horrible name but great concept) or the lace trim on the bottom but whatever it is, I love it. If you are a traditional bride this is probably for you, if you are a shabby chic bride (even though I highly discourage it) this one is for you too. From Jessica’s Design Shop.

Black and White by Baumbirdy

Another Etsy seller whose stuff I just gobble up. I might even get their Nella Pocket Program if I could because it is so cute. We shall see if budgets permit. I love the simplicity of this suite (my asian mother of course hates it. Everything has to be gilded and fancy, I swear). Very similar to my suite if I ever get around to the final proof. I need to get married asap, I am losing steam planning this thing. This is why I will never be the author of the next Great American Novel because aside from the fact that I am not American, I probably will never get past page 6.

Tuileries Wedding Invitations by Ruby & Willow

I have been following this little New Zealander shop since its day one debut on Etsy and have been keeping it my little secret for a while. I mean how cool would it be:

Curious Guest: I love your invitations

Smug You: Why, thank you! (like you didn’t already know)

Curious Guest: Where is it from?

Smug You: Oh, New Zealand.

Hah, let them chew on that. I love Etsy!

Vintage Polka Dots from Pink Lily Press

I love polka dots. No really. If you didn’t already know that, you must be a very new reader (if you are, hello, my name is Jess aka the Shoestring Bride and I have a teeny addiction to polka dots). This pretty little thing is from Pink Lily Press and does not suit my wedding feel but I think it should because it is fabulous (and my Honey would kill me).

Hope you enjoyed today’s eyecandy. Have a fabulous weekend. What are your plans? I am taking my sister and girlfriend to see another bridal dress (so they can beat me up and tell me “no” and break my heart), and wrapping Christmas presents (wrapping is serious business in this house), and staying at home doing nothing to save money. I have such an exciting life I know.

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  1. December 13, 2009 7:25 am

    these are beautiful! i’m a huge fan of the letterpress, so it makes most items look amazing.

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