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If This Is Appreciation Maybe Being Unappreciated Wouldn’t Be Half Bad

December 12, 2009

Since I made such a big deal about Shoestring Boy’s Company Employee Appreciation Dinner I felt like I should update y’all on the night. Dull. This is as entertaining as I can make it. And that is stretching it. At least I looked good.

It is 6.15pm , my nails are little rubies that shimmer, my eyes are smoky blue (or at least my lids are) and my skin flawless and impeccable thanks be to an hour (an hour!) at MAC and we are running late. Shoestring Boy and I spent an hour (easily) arguing if I should wear the blue silk sheath dress or the blue jersey strappy back dress. He was in favor of the sheath and I was in favor of skin. I solved this (easily) by putting on the blue dress I wanted and not taking it off. I already had a chip in my nail polish and changed my earrings three times. If my wedding day is this hectic, I am stopping wedding planning this instant.

The dinner was a buffet line with stuffed chicken, chinese fried rice, mash potatoes and cheese, mahi-mahi kebabs, and fried egg rolls. I think it was left over night. It was free though so no complains here. They had a “Dancing with the Stars” competition (no, I am not kidding. I wouldn’t kid about something like this). One of the girls had a dress on and Shoestring Boy says he thinks he saw a little bit of ass cheek. I am not entirely sure that I didn’t either. I am attributing it to memory shock loss (and he was complaining about my dress!). They had a singing competition. The first one up was sang a gospel song. . . and was entirely tone deaf. I am sure Jesus was offended. I know I would be. I laughed throughout her entire song despite Shoestring Boy admonishing me to “quit it”. If you were there, you would laugh too especially when the only other option was to cry.

We crawled into bed at 3a.m. (we had to drown our sorrows with drink) and Shoestring Boy pats my hand companionably, “honey, you looked beautiful tonight”. So maybe it wasn’t such a bad night after all.

Picture credited to moi. Honey grumbles that he looks oh so bad in this photo and I shouldn’t put it up. I argue that it is my blog and I look oh so good so I should put it up. So I solve it like I solve all our arguments: I put it up anyway.

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