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Christmas 2009 Wish List

December 16, 2009

Are your boyfriends, fiances, husbands good at gifts? My Shoestring Boy is very, um, . . . safe with his gift choices. Well, no, there was that one time (in band camp. Kidding), he did get me tickets to the Moscow Ballet rendition of “Swan Lake”. And another time he got me a $50 gift certificate to Borders. Not that I don’t like anything he has ever given me, but left to his own devices, H0ney would give me James Avery jewelry for every occasion or gift cards. I know. Not terribly tragic but still. A little variation would be nice.

I fell in love with the “Secret Garden” stretch canvas art done by Michelle Armas for Urban Outfitters. At 100 dollars it is an art steal! I have no idea where I would put it but I will find a place for it even if I have to attach it to the ceiling. I already have Michelle’s “Girl In The Flowers” print from Little Paper Planes hanging in the bathroom. I love all her work to tell the truth!

Picture credited to Black Eiffel.

The Dress Coat

The Wendice Coat

Either one of these black coats from Anthropologie would also be fabulous. Of course my first preference would be the $350 Dress Coat *ahem* but then that would be like one veil and a pair of shoes: wedding speak. So, a back up could be the Wendice Coat. I guess. I am a huge jacket and coat fient. I attribute it to all my days as a tropical creature in Malaysia. I need to catch up to the coat collections of the locals.

Sahara Bracelet

Of course, if I did not have to buy my own wedding jewelry that would be fabulous. I am looking at this filigree Shara Bracelet from LuluSplendor

The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm, Book 12 Part 1 *rolls eyes* is the next book that I have to read in the Wheel of Time Series. I have been industrially making use of my unemployment going through the series. Useful use of my time I know. Oh and blogging. But the book is $30. I got the whole series (Books 1 thru 11) for a little over $35 at a used bookstore. I nearly spat out my overprice cup of Starbuck Chai Tea Latte when I saw that. I know it is a hardback but still. Insanity!

"Wonderbuns" Pendant Necklace

If I got this, I would totally wear this on my wedding day. So not kidding. Shoestring Boy tells me my butt is his favorite body part (TMI? Sorry!). It would be an “us” jewelry and a little bit of humor for my wedding day. Every wedding needs a little personality. Don’t you agree? My parents will shit a brick … if they ever find out.

Grey wool Cloche Hat

I need this. Really, really, badly. I can already hear my honey saying “um don’t you have something like that?”. I do. It is in navy. I need one in grey with a bow, with a flippy rim. You know 80% of your body’s heat leaves via your extremidies? Like fingers, and feet and your head. So it is important for my health too. Baby, it is cold outside. 😀

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