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Christmas 2009 Give List

December 17, 2009

What I am giving other people. All people except for Shoestring Sister who I know for a fact reads this blog. I don’t want to spoil her surprise *smirks*

Brother: He recently got a XBox 360 Pro (I think… wait, does that model actually exist or did I just make it up?) as an early Christmas present. He probably would have already dug it out to play with it if it was not for the fact that he doesn’t have any games. Hah! I should be cheeky and just give him a T-shirt for Christmas but that would be rude. Funny but still rude. So surprise, surprise, I got him Halo 3 and a 3 month XBox Live subscription so he can play with other boys who are into killing virtual characters. It goes against everything I believe in to give him this gift: game boxes, video games in general, violence encouraged by video games, etc. I hope he appreciates the sacrifice I am making here. *Shoestring Boy rolls his eyes*

Mom: My mother is either going to really love this gift. Or hate it. You really never can know with her. She is a fabulous cook and I am not bias. Shoestring Boy claims I am the world’s greatest at everything. . . but cooking he is strictly in my mother’s camp (“Honey, she just beats you by a hair, I promise!”). So maybe a cookbook? I don’t know. Shoestring Boy wants to give mom a “Cooking For Dummies” just for kicks and giggles. She is asian. I am not sure if she will get it. More like:

*blank look* “But I already know how to cook”

I rather give her something boring and useful (maybe china protectors? Because right now she is using paper plates) and vintage because she loves almost anything vintage. I think she was born in another age

Cooking For Dummies

China Protectors

Vintage Water Pitcher from Falcon and Finch



Dad: See, now, Dad is always the toughy. He claims he has everything he could ever want. So like me he usually tells us “this is what I want” and dad isn’t very responsive when it comes to gifts either. The family all chipped in to get him an Ipod when it first came out and he expressed an interest in it. His response: “oh, thanks dears”. Like “oh, you did the laundry for me? Thanks!” He into gadgets. Like for a while, it was a smoothie maker, then it was a remote control helicopter, and now it is laptops and tablets, now it is his soundsystem. So he is getting an adaptor for Christmas and I am not going to put it up here because, well, it looks boring and is boring. So moving on…

Mom and Dad: I am especially proud of this gift because it is awesome and it displays the Shoestring Bride’s imagination of gift giving that we all know and love. I know, I know, I am laying it on a bit thick. My parents love pictures. My sister loves pictures. It was hard for me to get into the habit of documenting things because I was use to either dad or sister taking pictures of everything and usually multiple times of everything. But… the kicker: they never print any of it. Na-da. They just like to pull it up on the and show everyone, maybe email a few. I send them some pictures via Flickr and they were amazed. So I decide to get some physical copies for them. Initially, I had the very heart-warming (and unrealistic) idea of scrapbooking it but I decided to heck with it, and had the pros handle it. Yup, I B-I-Yed again. So WASP-y. I need to quit it. I made a photobook! Not just any photobook, the photobook of photobooks by MyPublisher. It is more expensive shutterfly or kodak but it is in my opinion so much better. For example, I had standard FedEx shipping and then realized it wouldn’t reach me in time. I sent a frantic email to the customer service email hotline asking if I could change my shipping fee and in less than an hour someone from customer service had emailed me and told me they upgraded me as a courtesy. And that my friends, is called customer service. I am now in the process of transfering some blog posts about wedding planning into the making of another book so I have solid documentation of the planning and of us as a couple after the wedding is all said and done. I’ll take photos of my parent’s book when it comes tomorrow.

Now Shoestring Boy wants very expensive gifts for Christmas. I think it is silly that we are getting presents for each other when we have shared bank accounts. It is like “oh, you spent $300 at Tiffany’s. Hmm… I wonder what it could be?” Silly, silly, silly. Nevertheless, he wants gifts, he will get gifts. . . I just don’t know what yet. Of course there is the envitable gaming system. Urgh. I mentioned something in passing when we were at lunch “maybe I should get you a gift certificate to a tattoo parlor” so you can get “Property of Jesselyn” across your back” as I try to stab him with a fry.

“That is a good idea, honey! You are great at gifts”.

“I was just kidding!”.

“Why? I have been wanting one for a while”

My and my big darn mouth.

Playstation 3

*sigh* What are you getting the lovelies in your life?

Pictures credited to Amazon, Falcon & Finch, Mypublisher, and Walmart.

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