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A Night Of Mayhap And Debauchery

January 11, 2010

Lessons to be learned from my hen party:

Anything that you are required to swear that you will never leave photographic evidence of on Facebook/online is always a success

A dress even with tights and knee high boots is still too cold at 20 degree Dallas weather. I am a huge wimp I know.

On that note, running around in Downtown Dallas is never a good idea. Especially when you very likely could bump into someone you know. “You know Jess, I saw someone remarkably like you jumping up and down in polka dot pants jammies at a streetlight in Dallas the other night”. “Really? How… odd”

Always have bottled water on hand even when you are dead sure you are just going to be drinking Italian Wedding Cake Martinis and copious amounts of wine. Especially when you are dead sure you are going to be drinking Italian Wedding Cake Martinis and wine.

If you insist long enough to take a photo with the cop and his bike, he will eventually relent. And maybe not give you a ticket (do not take my word for it).

You will wake up with a  horrible headache the next day. There is no maybe with this one.

A private room for dinner is an amazing idea especially when your boisterous, obnoxious girls insist you wear one of those ridiculous crowns, carry a wand, and wear a sash (all of which they made from scratch) through dinner.

You can never have a classy hen party/ bachelorette no matter how hard you try. Even if you don’t wear a condom veil. Or have penis straws. Or any of those crazy “must haves” for non classy bachelorette parties.

Remembering how much you love these girls are how grateful you are that they are your friends and that they would organize a night like this for you and in honor of you.

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