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V-Day Gifts For The Loves On The Cheap

January 12, 2010
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Shoestring Bride is unfortunately getting married the following weekend after Valentine’s Day. Which has let to several issues. One of which, being my mouth. A lady at David’s Bridal asked me for my wedding date when I was shopping for wedding dresses a lifetime ago and I said February and before I could mention the date, she coos “Oh are you getting married on Valentine’s Day?” and before I could help myself, “Oh God, no! So cliche”. The bride next to me turns and says “I am getting married on Valentine’s Day”. “Good for you” I said with equinimity when really I had stuck my foot so far back into my mouth I could taste my knee.

Another issue is that, well, I am going to be broke as a joke come V-Day after paying for all the wedding crap stuff. I know I am not in the least bit DIY but desperate times calls for dastardly desperate measures. So what does one do when one is horribly short on D-I-Y skills? Why call on Martha, of course! The American Home Goddess who can be thrown in jail and still emerge victorious (and wealthy) clad in an afghan (a poncho no less!) that one of her fellow in-mates made for her.

There were the juvenile (crafts tend to stir that way. Especially V-day crafts), and the so-sweet-you-get-a-toothache crafts. However, I did miraculously find a couple of gems.

Apparently you saturate the lace in fabric stiffener in order to create these candle votives. Yes, ladies, you read that right. Those are candle votives! Isn’t fabric stiffener flammable? So would that not follow that putting a candle in a fabric stiffened votive would be horrible fire hazard? Maybe it would be more practical as a jewelry holder of some kind? Do not know if that is sturdy enough for that. I might experiment with that and then let you girls know.

These lavender sachets seems to be more practical a gift. Not made of wool of course: I don’t know how to knit. So I might just buy some linen, hand stamp some heart shape thing on it and sew it together. Stack em’ and tie with a velvet ribbon.

Or seeing as my nearest and dearest are part of my wedding anyway, maybe I should just screw it and say, “You are part of my wedding. You are blessed. Who needs V-Day gifts?” I am oddly enough not even worried about the Darling. We aren’t really Valentine’s Day people. We like to pretend to be elite and above all these commercialised nonsense. . . as we are planning our very commercialised wedding day. In all seriousness though, I really don’t see the point of Valentine’s Day. Another excuse for a fancy dinner? Thankfully the Lover doesn’t wait for a special occasion to take me out for a fancy dinner. It’s nicer when he just says one random week, “Get dressed up, Love, we are going to dinner at so-and-so steakhouse!”.

 Bother! What are you ladies thinking of for Valentine’s Day? Do you and your love celebrate the day with enthuisiam? Don’t worry. I won’t judge you if you do! 😉

p/s It occurs to me that these gifts might make for very appropriate wedding favors. Little lace bowls holding candy, etc (Do you like how I can miraculously turn everything into a wedding post?)

pp/s If anyone has any other ideas, send them this way. *ahemLisaahem*

ppp/s Pictures credited to Martha Stewart. Doh. 😉

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  1. January 12, 2010 8:41 pm

    I LOVE those lace votives! I think I just might make some for my upcoming photo shoot. Thanks for sharing!

  2. January 12, 2010 9:02 pm

    Ooo, love the lace! Yes for the flammable but it’s so cool! (Gosh, I am lame!)

    I may have to try it too.

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