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Sundays At Home

January 17, 2010

When I was growing up in Malaysia, every Sunday my family would pile into the car and head on over to grandma’s house (even after her untimely passing, it was always grandma’s house). Every Sunday we had Sunday dinner along with our cousins (those who were in town), had tea, did homework we put off till Sunday night, and watch disasterly awful-awesome chinese soap operas. In leiu of those Sundays, I am going to try a new feature (ooo… feature! I am like a grown up blogger now): Sundays at Home where we will explore nesting. Let’s try this out for a couple of weeks and we see where we end up shall we? Feel free to tell me if you love it or hate it.

My sister and I watched It’s Complicated last night and I was pleasantly pleased. It was funny, endearing, and the ending wasn’t quite so perfectly cookie cutter. I highly recommend it for a feel-good, leave your brains at the door, veg out movie. I am just smitten with Jane’s perfectly lovely sub-burby Santa Barbara home. I would pick up and move right in if I could (and I don’t often feel that way about houses) I could not find very many stills of the house (though no doubt there will be soon. Do you remember the Erica’s Hampton house in Something’s Gotta Give?”)

So, you are going to have to make do with this lone picture. I, absolutely, love the industrial cottage chic-ness of the place. The white milk glass and stoneware in her open shelves, Eddie Ross would have been pleased. That marble table island in her kitchen. Her steel and marble dining table with the wooden chairs. Delightful!

Ever seen a movie whose place you would want to just move into? Tell me! Tell me!

Picture credited to IGN Movies

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