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Sundays At Home

January 31, 2010

I must have been living under a rock this whole time. Really? How else can one explain the fact that I have not known about amaze-bob Interior design blog Little Green Notebook. Jenny had me at “hello” (okay, she had me at her Schumacher Chiang Mai header.)

She is a decorator on the cheap ergo: my favorite kind. Not just because I am cheap (because I am that) but because I am a newly married girl in her twenties who does not have her own home but loves to decorate. She did a round up of her favorite posts of her past year and my favorites are the before and afters of her own home:

The redo of her girls’ room. My sister and I had to share a room for 13 years (it was a painful experience. There were many a years where a duct tape divided the room in half but it would not have been that painful if we had this room to share).

I could move in right now. I mean, she add bias tape to her cheap Target bedskirt that was probably $20.

I would know, I bought the queen size version but did not think to add bias tape. Whelp, I know another project I’ll be putting on my to-do list!

The redo of her home office. My writing would be a thousand times better if I got a place like this to work in. I love her furniture refinishing. That red credenza is yummy.

And her umbrella stand:

Seriously inspired. But the legally-wedded hubby has forbad me to spend anymore money on “home” stuff for the next couple of months. He asked so sweetly I really could not say no.

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  1. January 31, 2010 5:57 pm

    Love, love, love her style. And I can totally relate, my love of decor is gradually filling our apartment to the brim. We have no wall space left for any more art. We’ll be needing to upgrade to a house soon just so I can get my fix for decorating… I’m jonesing!

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