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Shoestring Bride Score!

February 3, 2010


I spent last night doing my “I-am-the-awesomemest” dance also known as the “victory dance” to the uninitiated.

Above is the hotel that Priceline a.k.a. my new best friend assigned me for the low, low rate of $90 a night for my wedding weekend. Just to give you an idea of how awesome this score is, the Hotel Adolphus rooms start at $250 a night. I think I just committed highway robbery. And I like it!

I told Shoestring Boy about my amazing deal

Me: Babe, I got us the Hotel Adolphus for our wedding weekend! For like $90 a night! Oh yeah! *goes into Victory Dance*

Boy: Oh cool. Saturday?

Me: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Boy: What? I cannot spend Friday night with you! You are going to be sleeping in that awesome hotel by yourself?

I rolled my eyes. Ladies, I did not decide that we were not going to spend Friday night separately. Who does he think we are going to fool if we spent Friday night separately? Whatever. He is antiquated traditional and it is kind of cute

Me: I am gonna call sissy *goes off and calls my sister* Dude, I got the Hotel Adolphus for like $90 the wedding day weekend

Sister: That is flipping awesome.

Me: You want to spend the night with me Friday before the wedding

Sister: Hell yeah!

Boy: *from the living room* THEN SHE HAS TO GET OUT OF THERE SATURDAY!!!

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  1. February 3, 2010 3:52 pm

    Hahahaha. I like that story.

  2. February 3, 2010 5:38 pm

    I la-la love priceline….I’m all about naming my own price. I’ve gotten crazy steals…that place looks A-mazing!

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