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Asians Love Jade

February 4, 2010
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It is true.

Someone asked me last weekend if my earrings were jade. I smiled, “No, Tar-jay, dahling!” but that got me thinking because we Asians love jade for our wedding. It is suppose to represent much love and prosperity to the newly weds. So I went on a love lucky token hunt.

Love this Crown Trifari jade. Very Hollywood glam.

The “jade” in this is just glass but still awesome. I wish it was not speckled though. Not a fan of the speckled. Give me a deep green jadite anytime.

The jade clasp here is fab-u-lous

I am sure you have noticed that I kind of trend toward over the top awesome sort of jewelry. To be quite honest, I hardly every wear jewelry. I am famous for it. Usually, the only jewelry you will see me wear is my engagement ring and a strand of pearls. On weekends I swap out the pearls for a simple necklace. I frequently prefer dangly earrings: they elongate the neck. This is my inner diva coming out when I look at jewelry I suppose. So if you are wondering if I would ever wear something like this, this answer is sadly “no”. Anyone feel the same way or do you lovelies rock out your jewelry?


As always, jewelry from Etsy

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