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Wedding Decorating On A Budget

March 23, 2010
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Honestly, in planning my wedding, I have come to find out that decorating takes a HUGE chunk of your budget if you are not careful. This only becomes more of a hassle when you are hosting your event inside as oppose to outside where to can just go, “Oh, look at the pretty flowers and lush greenery” and wash your hands of the whole darn thing. Of course, having an outside wedding comes with its own hidden expenditures (tents, backup indoor plans, etc) but you have to admit, you worry about decor far less. Or maybe that is just me and greener pastures and the like. If you are like me and prefer concrete jungles than real ones and decide that you are going to having it inside then lets talk about some ways we can work with your decorating budget (and none of them involves DIY!).

– Work with less flowers and more candles. Unless you have a gardener/ flower patch in your backyard, flowers come at a hefty price. But you already knew that. Yes, you can go to the Farmer’s Market, buy up a whole bunch of flowers and put together some stuff and that is all fine and dandy for, say, your wedding bouquets and such but seriously, you have a lot to do already without trying to craft centerpieces. If you can afford some floral centerpieces and then great! Have floral centerpieces at some tables and candle centerpieces at others. Everyone looks better by candle light anyway. Because I am a convenient green advocate, I would recommend renting candle vessels.

Less buying = More money for you = less crap in the environment = less waste = good person.

– Say you have found out that it would be more expensive to rent vases than it will be to buy them. Get on a local bridal forum or even a trustworthy national one and offer to split the cost of the vases with another bride with the same idea. Buy the vases, she pays you for half the cost, you ship it to her when you are done.

– Now walls and ceilings, in my opinion, are a pain in the you-know-where. For one thing, you have to freaking climb and put everything there (and worst, you have to take everything down!). Then, like that is not bad enough, you need copious amounts of whatever you are planning on decorating with: pom-poms, bunting, fabric, etc because I am sorry but too few pom-poms or what-have-you just looks a little sad (My apologies to my wedding blogger friends who are now at this very moment reading this and sighing at the blisters on their hands from cutting said poms). If you are having an evening wedding, this fix is easy. If you can reach the ceiling, just drape everything in Christmas lights (is cheap!). If you are having a day wedding, then having buntings (lots of them), they are cheap on Etsy if you are adverse to DIY like myself. Paper chains are also cute and inexpensive and even if the thought of DIY makes you breakout in hives, this is an easy one.

– Or, I would try and get uplighting. This is the direction I took. This is easy (someone sets it up for you) and relatively affordable. And my wedding planner begged my florist for the use for the crystal jangles on the wall. Simple. Dramatic. Chic. And relatively affordable. You get this from your DJ oddly enough.

– Prioritize what is important to you and what is not. I generally would place everything that people will see can touch up at the top of the list and everything else on the “If I Can Get To It – Great” list. High on priority list should be things like: centerpieces, cake topper (if you are having any), guestbook, etc. Everything else like: dupoini silk card boxes, ring bearer pillow, etc won’t be seen by anyone except you and the photographer.

– If all else fails pretend it was meant to be. “Oh ya, I went with a simplistic decoration because, you know, all that hoopla about wedding decoration I just don’t get” and you shake your head in apparent disbelief and pray that no one happens on your wedding blog and reads about you fretting about this same issue for months. “Oh the duct tape? That is like a “thing” between the groom and I. I can’t tell you it’s personal but very sweet. But hey, it’s silver and shiny, right?” and pretend the duct tape holding up the decorations was meant to be because you totally forgot 3M tape holder-things.


 Picture from the BK the DJ

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  1. March 24, 2010 4:15 am

    i like the ‘oh i went simplistic’ line…probably going to have to use that one…

  2. March 24, 2010 4:49 am

    this is good advice!!!!!! I wish I had read it months ago!

    I actually am done, I picked a beautiful place (so no walls- covered in murals) and bought cheap ass lanterns to avoid flowers all together (except on head tables. We are reusing all the bouquets into vases). But I spent months and coming up with this – I wish I had had this broken down for me earier.

  3. March 24, 2010 2:50 pm

    Excellent post! Going save this for my ‘important and useful ideas folder’. All brides take note…

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