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Breaking It Down: Casual Austin Wedding

May 3, 2010

I am really quite taken with a beautiful wedding. Problem with beautiful weddings is their not-so-beautiful cost and I have come to realize that unfortunately, even the simplest “rustic” weddings tend to be more than originally anticipated. So I have came up with a new series of sorts called “Breaking It Down”. Inspired by some of the most beautiful weddings featured in the big time wedding blogs we shall dissect what they averagely cost.

Their centerpieces are beautiful and I believe easy to duplicate. The best thing is they seem to be succulents with a couple of wildflowers thrown in for kicks. So they can be made ahead of time and the wildflowers can be bought morning of or the day before (make sure to stick them in the fridge).

Copper tray for the plant = $72/tray

Succullents purchased wholesale and in different varieties = $99 + shipping/tray

Wildflowers approx about $10 for a bunch

So centerpieces for 5 tables = $905 + tax + shipping

This is just from a cursory look from around the nets. I am sure you can find them cheaper if you hunt around. Or you can reappropriate other things for it’s purpose. For example, that copper plant tray I am sure can be replaced with another plant holder. A vintage soda crate, maybe? Use your imagination.

Chairs = $3/chair + delivery

Plates (dinner, salad, dessert) = $2/set + delivery

Tables 48” round = $7/ table + delivery

Flatware (Dinner fork and knife, dessert fork) = $0.90 + delivery

Pricing info from here

Burlap round tableclothes = $15/ table + delivery

Total based on 50 guest count and 5 tables with 10 guest at each = $1595 + taxes + delivery

This is just for set up and the total, I can assure you probably will be close to $2000. This has yet to include miscellaneous crap like the table numbers you see or the tealights that you have scattered on the table, escort cards, or the round string lights. I did not include those with the calculation because those are not really expenses that make or break you. String lights can be bought on clearance from Target or Walmart after Christmas, tealights are relatively cheap and their containers can be picked up from thrift or dollar stores for next to nothing. Table numbers and escort cards can be made further saving you cost. You could also substitute plate rentals with some of the new beautiful bamboo disposable plates since the setting is so organic, I don’t think they would look out of place.

So total at the end of the day, with the centerpieces and reception set-up, we are looking at about $3000 for a reception set-up of 50 people and 5 tables. This of course, goes up exponentially with the more guests you invite: more tables, more plates and silverware, more chairs. There seem to be very few fixed costs in this reception set up. The only thing I can really see is the string lights; 50 guests or 150 guests, you have the same approximate number of string lights.


Austin wedding photographed by Suzi Q Photography

Wedding featured in Style Me Pretty

3 Comments leave one →
  1. bluebutterfly10 permalink
    May 3, 2010 2:56 pm

    What a nifty blog post! It’s actually quite crazy to think of how something so simple could cost so much. The breakdown is super important for us DIYers out there..sometimes it’s better to have someone do thee work because the cost is less.

  2. Aaron permalink
    May 3, 2010 8:13 pm

    Just a note cousin, I don’t think the cost increases exponentially with more guests as you have described; each guest will mean one more chair, one more set of silverware, etc, so therefore the cost would increase linearly, not exponentially…

    • Jesselyn Girl permalink*
      May 3, 2010 11:57 pm

      My bad, that is what I intended to say “linear”

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