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My Favorite Color is Sparkly

June 6, 2010

You maybe have heard of Confetti System. They had a collaboration with Urban Outfitters a time or two ago. I am still in love with them. I am dying to have a wedding come along where I can decorate with their tassel garlands though at $130 a pop I might attempt to make my own (where upon which I will fail miserably and buy the originals anyway). My dad use to make my pom-poms for me when I was a cheerleader because I was so inept. True story. Maybe I should have my Dad make these too.

Their studio ain’t too shabby to look at either. I would kill (okay, maybe not exactly commit murder but a lot of other stuff) to have a “studio” or an “office”. Right now, my “office” is the dining table which is drive Cory absolutely stir crazy.





Images from Confetti System and Oh Happy Day who got them from Sight Unseen who I desperately want to love because apparently if you are indie and arty you should love them but I am not going to lie, their layout makes me want to gourge out my eyes. Sensory overload. Text! Colors! Pictures!

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