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Children’s Wedding Attire

June 16, 2010

I did not have children in my wedding. No flower girls/childs, no ring bearers, too many uncontrollable things for a control-freak such as I. At one of my good friend’s wedding, the flower girl was a little girl she baby-sat (baby-sitted?) for on the side for “shoe money”. She is a gorgeous child, the kind of kid that you see in fake oil paintings you can buy at places like Kirkland or something: blonde curls and blue, blue eyes. She had a beautiful dress and a flower wreath in her hair that day. The dear cherubic child threw a demonic tantrum during the ceremony up at the altar. Crazy town!

So, if you are into childrens at weddings, read on. If you are not so into children at weddings, leave me a story about a crazy kid. Those crack me up.

I don’t like children in really dolled up clothing.

Call me old fashion but I think children’s clothing are best when simple. Well made, straight lines and in pure fabrics such as linen, cotton, and lace. Anything else, makes it seem like the mother is trying to live through her daughter (ever see those kids at the mall who are, like, 8 and have glittery eyeshadow and a mini tee that says “The Future Mrs. Timberlake”? Scary. Or maybe I should just become Amish. Who knows? To each their own. However, these are the kinds of clothes I think children should wear at special events. No satin and silk and high heels. Your children should be children. Not whores in tight belly shirts or fluffy cupcake confections.

Just sayin’

*steps off soap box*

The Ovation Dress by Fine Handmade Clothing

European Linen Vest Suit for Boys by Fine Handmade Clothing

The Ruffle Neck Dress by Sparrow Hills in a beautiful rich purple linen

Yellow Linen Dress by Illona4


So, what do you think? I guess I am more An American Girl sort of person (the concept anyway) than Club Libby Lu’s (do you remember that?). By the way, the idea, history and business plan of American Girl is just amazing even if the prices on those dolls are just completely ridiculous (Book and Doll for $95? Holy Moly). I studied it in business school.



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  1. June 18, 2010 9:04 pm

    I so agree that the children shouldn’t be made to look like little adults. Children can make such a cute addition to the wedding party but always be prepared for the unpredictability of child. They may have sudden fear of walking down that isle and who knows what will happen. I would suggest you have an adult who knows the child and can be ready to help out no matter what happens. Just my thoughts.

  2. stacymarieblogs permalink
    June 21, 2010 1:13 pm

    I think the flower girl dresses that look like mini bride dresses are creepy. And I’m an American girl fan myself…I have Felicity and my sister has Samantha, hours upon hours of fun were had. We’re honeymooning in Chicago and I am embaressed to tell my fiance that I want to go to the American Girl place. Because I’d HAVE to bring Felicity and it’s just too weird!

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