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Untamed Petals

July 27, 2010

I recently found Untamed Petals while surfing the web. I know, I have no life. People tell me that all the time. “What? You update your blog everyday? Wow, you must have no life.” I am, of course, righteously indignant. Though I think truth be told, my life has been severely lacking these past couple of months. I was working on improving it and then bam! I got into a little fender bender and my car is in the shop. Let’s see what you do all day when you home bound and unemployed. I have even considered *gasp* taking up some crafting.

You have to admit though that my boring life comes with some great perks for you, dear readers and future Shoestring Brides. I mean, I find the good stuff. Like so:

If I could possibly get away wearing those while galavanting around town (finding a life) without people staring at me (my husband included), you bet I would.

I hopped on to the blog, aptly titled The Lovely Department and discovered that the Amanda of Untamed Petals is besties with Lauren of Lo Boheme. The etsy wedding darling (and love of the wedding blogosphere). There is something quite delicious about that. I imagine them in their glamourous lives, making pretty together and going to all these photo shoots. Le sigh.



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