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Inspiration From Anthropologie

July 30, 2010

Ignore the blue fish catcher thingy in the corner (what is that anyway?), isn’t this installation amazing?! It seems to be put together with scraps of cloth knotted together to create texture. Fabulous darling. I wonder how hard it would be to recreate this for a wedding. Say for the altar backdrop.

Fabulous dah-ling. Fabulous.

Of course this really would only work if you actually have fabric lying around. If you are like me, then between buying all the neccessary items, it really would be a lot of cost. However, a little bird told me that Anthropologie sometimes gives away their installation displays after they are done with them. So if you hop skip your way over to Anthropologie, see if they will save you their displays. After all, they are just going to throw them out, right? What a waste.

Here is another look just for kicks:





Pictures taken by yours truly.

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