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Dear Monday

February 28, 2011

Today I am thinking about all the things I would do if I had more money…

Revamp my blog look. Problem with this is that you need to have skillz (yes, that is an intentional z in there) with coding: an apparent secret language that I am not privy to. Should I work on improving my coding language *shudder* or outsource it to someone talented like Yellow & Savvy? Alas, that would mean spending money, which at the moment I am low on… gah.

I have been feeling nesty (Don’t you hate that word? I hate that word but ‘decorative’ just won’t do) lately. Redo my bedroom in peaceful shades of neutrals. (Do you not notice that that bed does not have any normal pillows? Do they sleep on those bolsters? That strikes me as terribly uncomfortable. Do people actually do this?) Bedroom found at Design Sponge.

I would buy some nudie shoes that have been all over the fashion shows. Strangely attracted to this Marc by Marc Jacobs shoe. Unfortunately, shoestring friendly Marc Jacobs is not (though in the interest of full disclosure, I do have a lovely – quickly diminishing bottle of Marc Jacob’s daisy perfume which was a thoughtful Christmas present from my sister years ago).

So instead, I will settle for this Aldo inspired *ahem* shoe. That is, when they go on sale.

Speaking of sale, if you are shopping for a wedding shoe that won’t break the bank, Aldo has a ridiculous sale going on with an additional 50% off some women’s clearance with a lot of white/cream/ metallic shoes for under $25. And I am not being paid to tell you this. I am just a good Samaritan like that (and isn’t it always the case when you need a specific something like – oh, I don’t know, a wedding shoe, you can never find it?).


What would you get these days if you weren’t on a shoestring budget/ planning for a wedding/ un-broke?


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