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The Boy Is Another Year Old.

March 21, 2011

We celebrated at Fogo De Chao which is heaven for any red blooded man who is secretly still a not so evolved caveman. People walking around cutting you slices of meat off a spear stick? Where does the Boy get in line?

Me? I just had the salad bar.

I bought him cologne which fell nicely in my “under-100” price range. I am a great gift giver unlike some people I know *ahem* but I find the problem with couples and gifts is that we always start out strong, you know? You always get them the great gifts: the Kindle, the PS3, the Wii, the digital camera. After a couple of years, the gifts sort of dwindle, like you hit this plateau of “oh good, I don’t have to impress you any more. Gotcha!” or more often that not, it’s “You have everything you want because I got them for you already and I cannot afford anything else you really want. Like the round trip tickets to the Bahamas”.


Should have started with smaller expectations. If I got a do-over I would have started with the cologne and ended with the PS3. So if you just got into a relationship or have yet to get into one, take my word for it. The first birthday, just start out small. A card. You know, just to keep expectations low. If she/he sticks around, you know you’ve got a winner. Then you can build up from there. Besides, if you ask me, its good shoestring sense too. I mean, you got to see if they are worth the investment. Nothing like buying them that new gaming console and then you break up. That would really suck.

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