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The Bride-To-Be



I have a dog (we have a love-hate relationship).

I love vintage and has loved vintage even before vintage was cool (so take that bridal industry).

I just started my own wedding company helping other shoestring brides plan their own wedding. It’s called “The Shoestring Bride”. I know, real original, eh?

I want a big girl job in investment banking but I am still looking.

Investment banking is my dream, weddings are my passion.

The “nice” introduction:

I am a girl who married a man she never thought she would end up with and always hoped she would marry.

Glad you stopped by. Bloggy love, questions, conversations can be done via email to:

theshoestringbride [at] gmail [dot] com

Spam not allowed. Neither is bad joo-joo.



Photo credits to Lynn in Love Photography

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