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Where The F- Were You When I Was Getting Married?

February 8, 2011

I am apparently the last to know everything. Shame on me being a (supposedly) wedding blogger and all.

Vera Wang has now done a line of wedding dress for David’s Bridal and by the looks of it, it ain’t half bad at all. It’s styling is pretty similar to her normal line with football fields of tulle and romance. The gowns range from $600 to $1400 which is nothing to sniff your nose at and if you happen to get it secondhand… well, then, that’s positively shoestring budget friendly! Unlike a normal David’s Bridal dress, you have to order the dress 5 months in advance which actually is pretty normal for a boutique bridal lines that usually require you to order your dress 6 months in advance. So if you are thinking about one, remember that oh so important fact because paying rush fees which can run you another $250 to $500, makes a lot of difference in that final budget count.

Mmm… I’ll take one of each please and wear it to work if I have to (and pray they fit in my cubicle).


Photo credits:


The Bad Gift Giving Husband

February 7, 2011

Occasions that usually requires some form of giving always makes me a little anxious. Not for me because I am an amazing gift giver if I do say so myself *ahem* but for the husband. Husbands fall into one of two categories: the amazing gift-giver – “oh honey, its so sweet of you to make this photo collage!” and the bad gift giver – “thanks for the vacuum honey. Um, I guess it is useful…”. I guess there is another category: the non-gift giver. Which I am not into so I am just going to pretend he doesn’t exist.

My husband’s gift giving skills, sadly are in need of some work. For example, this Christmas I got … (wait for it) … a candle for Christmas. Let me repeat that. My beloved, got me a candle. Yes, what people usually reserve for White Elephant Christmas gift exchanges and housewarming parties. To be fair, he has also given me some amazing gifts like my Kindle and tickets to the ballet but as a whole, lets just say its a good thing I didn’t marry him for his gift giving skills.

So, whats a girl to do? If your hubby is a bad gift giver like mine, here are some things I have done/ am doing:

  • Get your sister to tell him what you want – This sounds great in theory because theorectically you get what you want without the weird dilemma of “oh-you-got-this-for-me-because-I-told-you-to-I-might-as-well-have-just-send-myself-flowers”. On the other hand, I hope your sister is more subtle than mine: “My sister told me to tell you, this is what she wants for Valentine’s Day”. Oy.
  • Take him to the mall and stop very obviously in front of things you like and point them out – If your man is blind and deaf as well as a bad gift giver, this back-fires horribly. Then you just end up with a grumpy honey or of course he will remember that one thing you didn’t really mean for him to buy although you love it. “Sorry honey, I cannot afford a $7000 Valentino trench coat. What do you mean you pointed out other stuff?”
  • Buy yourself something and then tell him what you got for him to give to you – this has almost no drawbacks. You always get what you want, you don’t have to beat around the bush, he doesn’t have to go to the mall, everyone is happy! On the other hand, you had to buy it yourself.
  • Don’t celebrate anything – Yeah, this isn’t even worth talking about
  • Write a list of everything you want, check it twice, he better be good – this is Shoestring Boy’s torture of choice. He gets to somewhat pick and pat himself on the back and you are sure to get something you want.

Hopefully sooner or later, he gets the picture. Till then, we work with what we got, eh ladies? What was the worst gift you’ve gotten? I use to think it was a gift card (yes, a gift card) but I think the candle has trumped that.


Norwegian Wood: Medals

February 4, 2011

It is sad that I can only get married once.

(Okay, so technically I could pull an Elizabeth Taylor half a gajillion times but I happen to like this man and I’d like to keep him around)

If I had another wedding, I might have to work these laser cut medals in there somewhere.

Angie of Norwegian Wood actually made these for her wedding in July for her bridesmaids and groomsmen in lieu of corsages and bouts.

(seriously, crafty people make me sick)

You want your very own? Get them: here at $35 a pop. And check out the rest of Angie’s awesome wedding here.




February 3, 2011

Its been a cold couple of days here in Dallas. Its been making me dream of beautiful spring summer days.

Of cotton sundresses and flip-flops

And tanning by the pool

Pretty bikinis and pretty underthings to pad around the house in that isn’t flannel or fleece

Driving around with the windows down and the radio up

Cold drinks on the porch with fried seafood: fried oysters and ceviche. Yum!

I am ready.



Photo by liebemarlene who has the most amazing vintage style

The After Session To End All After Sessions

August 15, 2010

I can’t sleep. What is a bored, not-so-exhausted Shoestring to do? Um, hello, look at engagement photos of random strangers, d’oh! Whaddaya mean no one does that? You all are seriously missing out because – 1: You get to judge other people but no one judges you for judging them (did you get all that) 2: It is always good for a laugh or two. I mean good laughs not what-the-crap-were-you-thinking sniggers (well, there are one or two but that is mainly reserved for arch enemies of yours you randomly stumble across on the interweb. “He married her?” See number 1.) 3: You get to go to sleep after with warm fuzzy feelings after. Amazing that even looking at pictures of random people in love still makes one warm and fuzzy. If you are suffering from a recent heartbreak, I wouldn’t recommend this exercise. I would instead get on any review of Liz Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love” and get in furious debates with people you don’t know about whether or not she is a self-centered you-know-what or you want to be her so bad it hurts.

Where was I? Right. So up late. Looking at photos. I stumbled across this “after session” from Dallas photographer Stacy Reeves and just had post my awesome find because well, it’s a cross between “normal”, medieval (yes, you read that right) and wet and sexy after-session. Warning, do not attempt if you are a couple who takes themselves seriously. This is strictly for awesome couples. Please note that Cory and I are not said awesome couples because we are only 25 and therefore take ourselves very seriously indeed.

This is normal.

Change-o, presto, this is medieval… She gave him that sword for their wedding. Hello, awesome…

Now we are sexy.

And they lived happily ever after.

(Actually, I have no idea if they are living happily ever after because I don’t actually know them. Minor detail really. Check out more here. And in the spirit of full disclosure, apparently Offbeat Bride has already featured them – boo! However, it is my humble opinion that not all my 20 readers read Offbeat so the photos bear repeating)

Pictures credited to Stacy Reeves


P/S: Don’t you love my new header? Thank you to Thao Thai for the help. It is actually much, much prettier and bigger but slow poke that I am is still plodding along on working on my website. It is coming, I promise!

Things I Have Learned After A Year Of Marriage

August 14, 2010

Of course, with every milestone comes list of things you learn or regret. So without further ado, my list:

What I learned from the first year of marriage:

I thought the moment I said “I do” would be life-changing. A defining moment. You know, the Heaven’s open up, God sends a dove down from Heaven, wait, this scene was for a baptism, my bad. I was at least expecting some sort “ah-ha!” or a deep over-whelming wave of emotion to come crashing down on me. That’s what happens, right? People cry all the time when they are saying their vows. I was wrong. What defined me was the everyday decisions to love him and continue loving him. Even when I really just want to throw him out on his ear. Every day, every moment is a defining moment.


Love grows. I love Cory more now than I did a year ago and a year ago I thought I couldn’t possibly love someone more.


He will test your patience, you’ll want to toss him out and tell him to go back to “his place” until you sort through your feelings, he will make you cry, and remember, “Crap, I am stuck with him. Forever”. Then you will think, “maybe it isn’t so bad afterall.”


You will laugh when his idea of bringing you breakfast in bed is doughnuts from the little shop next to his barber, jalepeno kolaches because he remembers you like them spicy and a little bottle of Borden’s milk. No tray, thank you very much, just a doggy bag for you.


You realize that he makes everything in your life more bearable even when life is putting you through the wringer and you are convinced the powers that be hate you and want you in as much misery as possible. You know, those days when things are rough and you give yourself a mental slap and a shake and say, “Okay, let’s count our blessings” and the only thing you can come up with is, “Well, I guess it’s a good thing I am still alive. I think”. Then you remember you have someone who adores you and that’s not too shabby either.


He thinks it is finally safe to leave skid marks on his underwear and you will cry. He will then vehemently deny any wrong-doing and then you will laugh. And ask him to do his own underwear laundry.


You’ll wonder why the flip you were freaking about how perfect your invitations had to be a year ago. Certainly doesn’t matter anymore now. Wait. This might just be a Jesselyn thing.


No. Not everyday is a la-dee-dah day in fairy-love-wonderland. There will be days when he cannot say a darn thing right and the only cure is chocolate and an early night of sleep and then some more chocolate.


I refuse to comment on whether or not the sex is better or worst because my little sister reads this, my brother reads this and Heaven forbid any future employer of mine should stumble across this. However, you may email me for a candid insight.


What have you learned in your first (give or take a few) years of marriage?


Ooo… pretty shoes

August 13, 2010

I have abnormally tiny feet. Like people want to know why I don’t fall over when I walk sort of tiny feet.

That saying, I could never wear these shoes because, well, they won’t fit. But if they fit you, I think you should get them for your wedding.


One of these days I will have something interesting to say.

And one of these days they will have a foot lengthing surgery so I can wear pretty shoes.